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My first endeavor into Note Cards involves tapping into my vast collection of Old Meade County photographs and making them into cards. They are printed on cream-colored stock with a sepia tone photograph on the front. The back of each card has a few words about the photo. These cards are 5.5 " x 4" (folded) and include a matching envelope. The inside of the card is blank... perfect for your own personal message. The cards are $1.59 each. Order from one to any quantity of each card. Shipping is FREE.

Early Day Meade, Kansas

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ON THE BACK: Taken in approximately 1909, this photograph shows the intersection of Cartage and Fowler Streets in Meade, Kansas. In the foreground is the original First National Bank building, and up Fowler Street to the north is the Opera House, the original Meade County Courthouse, and the First Baptist Church.
Railroad Depot in Plains, KS

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ON THE BACK: The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad first reached Plains in 1888. The town was located somewhat north of where the railroad eventually built, and it wasn’t long before business by business Plains moved closer to the tracks.
Bird's Eye View of Plains, KS

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ON THE BACK: A very early view of Plains, Kansas. Plains was started in 1885, and incorporated in April 1888, under the name, “West Plains.” The “West” was later dropped from the name because of confusion in mail service with West Plains, Missouri. The original A.J. & L.F. Parsons Store in the center of this photo was said to be located on the east side of Grand Avenue, about where the swimming pool is in present day Plains. This store was moved in 1902 to be nearer the railroad.
A Good Harvest
Fowler Equity

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ON THE BACK: Trucks full of wheat are lined up at the scale house of the Fowler Equity Exchange in Fowler, Kansas. Date unknown.
Bird's Eye View of
Fowler, KS

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ON THE BACK: The fact that the Hotel Bunyan and the Friends Academy are present in this photo suggests that it was sometime after 1906 that this photograph was taken. Fowler City was surveyed, platted and dedicated by George Fowler, owner of the land, plat filed May 1, 1886.
Burford's Threshing
Outfit 1905

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ON THE BACK: The Burford family first came to Meade County when W.A. Burford occupied a claim three and a half miles west of Fowler in 1884. The people were not identified on this photo, but it shows an excellent example of a well-equipped harvest crew in 1905.
Looking East on
Carthage Avenue
Meade, KS

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ON THE BACK: Carthage Avenue is the main street of Meade, Kansas. This photo is taken from just west of the intersection of Carthage and Fowler Streets looking east. The estimated time of the photo is in the early 1930’s, as the Meade State Bank building on the right was built in 1929. The First National Bank building on the left was built in 1914.
Branding on the
Crooked L Ranch

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ON THE BACK: The Crooked L Ranch is located 3 miles southwest of Meade, Kansas. Originally part of the Cimarron & Crooked Creek Cattle Company, under the Chain C Brand, this ranch goes all the way back to open range days in the late 1870’s. Chain C cattle ranged on Crooked Creek, both in Kansas and the Neutral Strip. After the devastating blizzards of the late 1880's the ranch reorganized, R.E. Steele was hired as manager and the brand was changed to Crooked L.
Day Herd on the

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ON THE BACK: Herding cattle on the Cimarron River in southern Meade County. R.K. Perry was a Panhandle rancher who did a lot of trading and spent a lot of time in Meade. He ran under the brand of T6, and established his ranch on the Cimarron in 1876.
The Salt Well

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ON THE BACK: In March of 1879, along the Jones & Plummer Trail in Meade County, Kansas, a giant sink hole appeared. The hole apparently penetrated a bed of salt, because when it filled with sheet water, the water was so salty a man could float in it effortlessly. Located about two miles south of the present site of Meade City Park, the “salt well” is just a shallow indentation in the ground today, but it was very active during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as a swimming hole. For a short time it was even used to commercially produce salt.
Swimming in
Lake Larrabee

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ON THE BACK: Carved out of the Turkey Track Ranch in 1927, the Meade Lake is an oasis in the treeless grasslands of Southwest Kansas. The lake was first called "Lake Larrabee" in honor of Lee Larrabee from Liberal who was a member of the newly-formed Kansas Fish & Game Commission in the early 1920’s. Mr. Larrabee discovered the site for the lake and was instrumental in obtaining it for Meade County. The name was changed to Meade State Lake later, when all state lakes in Kansas were named for the County in which they existed.
Meade State Bank

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ON THE BACK: The Meade State bank was chartered August 2, 1899. It was reorganized and this new modern brick building located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Carthage Avenue and Fowler Street in Meade was built in 1903. In 1937, the Great Depression took it’s toll and the Meade State Bank merged with the First National Bank, after which this building was rented out to various businesses... the City office.. the farm office... Marrs & Twist... to name a few. In the late 1960’s, in a dentist office on the second floor, a fire started that destroyed the building.
Swimming Pool

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ON THE BACK: The old swimming pool in the Meade City Park was built in 1921, by local citizens with donated money from the townspeople. Farmers hauled sand, forms were set, and the pool was constructed of poured cement. At first the water for the pool came from two artesian wells which provided a constant flow of cold fresh water... a practice which was abandoned in 1923. The pool was 50’ x 100’ and held 200,000 gallons of water. The bath houses were constructed in the spring of 1922.
Meade County

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ON THE BACK: The old Meade County Courthouse was built in 1888. Originally called “City Hall” the building was purchased by the county in 1895. The old building soon became inadequate, however, and in 1928, a new building was constructed to the northeast of the old one. As soon as county offices had moved into the new building the old courthouse was torn down.



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