1909 Plat Book of Meade County, Kansas

This CD contains a PDF file with scans of land maps from the 1909 Plat Book of Meade County, Kansas, originally published by R.P. Ice & Co. Ashland, Kansas. It is a complete picture of land ownership in Meade County in 1909.

Included in "1909 PLAT BOOK.PDF"

  • Table of Contents
  • Picture Pages
  • Advertising Pages
  • Colored Meade County Map
  • Colored Maps of Meade, Plains, Fowler, Jasper & Mertilla
  • Map of each Township & Range in Meade County
  • Index of Plat Book Patrons

Included in "Plat Bk Index.PDF"

  • Complete index listing of every land owner in Meade County in 1909, section by section, listed alphabetically by last name, first name, section of ownership and page number in the Plat Book PDF.

This CD is not copy protected so you may open these files from your media drive, or copy them to your hard drive and run them from there. The files are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader™ installed on your computer you may download the program free of charge at

The Pages of the Plat Book in this file are 11 x 13.5 in. Adobe Acrobat™ allows you to print "current view" so you should be able to print any view of a page that you have visible on your computer screen.

Parts of the Plat Book file are searchable, such as the captions to the photos. You should be able to use the search feature to find names in the file. The names on the maps are not searchable.

The "PLAT BK INDEX.PDF" file is formatted 8.5 x 11 in. This file is fully searchable and shows every land owner as presented on the maps in alphabetical order, and shows the section-township-range in which ownership occurs. The page numbers in this index correspond with the pages in the "1909 PLAT BOOK.PDF" file which are different from the original plat book.


The most important advantage of having this CD is the index file. Even if you already have a physical copy of the 1909 Plat Book, this index is a valuable tool. The old plat book has an index, but it is an "index of patrons" not a complete index of land owners.

We find this index invaluable in cross-referencing families when doing research at the Meade County Historical Museum.

You can look up your grandfather and see where he owned land in Meade County... then armed with the page number go directly to the page in the plat map... zoom in and see who his neighbors were... what school district was close by, etc.

You can zoom out and print an entire page or print any area that is showing on your screen.


The city maps are in full color just like in the old book. Ever wonder how the towns of Jasper (Missler) or Mertilla were laid out? This old plat book will show you.

Crooked Creek and other tributaries are clearly marked in each section and on the colored Meade County Map.

This CD will be a powerful tool if you have roots in Meade County and love its history. I have a physical copy of the book and I find myself referring to this PDF file instead... it is so handy to have on my computer!

Nancy Ohnick

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